Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area (MRCCA)

Did you know the Mississippi River runs through Brooklyn Center?  It’s a great resource, and important part of our State! Because it is important, the City is required to prepare a MRCCA Plan chapter as part of this Comprehensive Plan Update.

One part of the chapter will address the new rules established by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for the MRCCA, which were created in an effort to protect the river’s 72-mile stretch through the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

The rules are the result of extensive collaboration with local governments, business and environmental groups, and property owners to hear concerns, gather ideas, and balance interests for rules that:

  • Improve protections for water quality, habitat and scenic views;
  • Protect existing development and allow redevelopment while protecting key resources; and
  • Provide clear standards for landowners and simplify local government administration.

As part of this process we will have a short on-line survey focused on MRCCA plan chapter and what it means for Brooklyn Center.  The survey will be available from this page, as well as the Surveys page.  So check back, and let us know what you think as we prepare this important part of the Comprehensive Plan!

More information about MRCCA from the MnDNR can be at the following:

Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area Program