2040 Comprehensive Plan

Welcome to the City of Brooklyn Center’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update project website. We are excited you are interested in the future of Brooklyn Center. This website will be providing information regarding the Comprehensive Plan update developments and is intended to keep the community informed about how to participate in the process.

Why Update the City’s Comprehensive Plan now?
The Metropolitan Land Planning Act requires all cities and counties in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area (7-counties) to adopt a Comprehensive Plan (“Plan”), and to update and amend those plans on a decennial basis. The Plan is required to comply with the Metropolitan Council’s regional system plans that include transportation (highways and transit), wastewater services, airports, parks and open space.  The Plan update must be submitted to the Metropolitan Council for review and approval, and then be adopted by the City.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?
A Comprehensive Plan establishes a community’s long-term vision, goals, strategies and policies for guiding future changes and investments. The Plan is intended to serve as a roadmap for the City for the next 20-year planning period.  The Brooklyn Center Plan Update will address future land uses, housing, economic development, transportation, parks, trails, open space, natural resources and city services/facilities.

The Process Generally Involves:

Review of Brooklyn Center’s current 2030 Comprehensive Plan to determine updates

Background Report preparation, issue identification, visioning and goal setting

Identification of specific issues and plan components

Planning Commission is the working group, with public engagement and public input opportunities to help shape the draft Plan

Comprehensive updates of the Plan

Adjacent jurisdictional review

Submittal to the Metropolitan Council for review and approval

Public Hearing by the City’s Planning Commission

Final Adoption by the City Council